Pressurization Distance?

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Pressurization Distance?

Postby Alien Space Agency » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:34 am


Can we change the distance where we can safely stand and pressurize our rocket depending on the maximum pressure of our rocket?

For example, I tried to break the Class A record @150 psi, and I am standing ~10m away from the pad. Could it still be acceptable?

As you can see, you First World countries have a greater advantage from Third World ones. Pricing of the materials plays a big part in this.

I mean, I'm just a middle school kid tinkering around water rocket staging and is aiming high.

So to reduce costs I shall propose pressure-dependent safe distances.

Below 100psi: 5m
100-150: 10m
150-300: 20m
300-max: 40m

I guess that would be enough to avoid shrapnel.
By the way, I only aim to launch at 125psi. TH: TH:
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