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Party store treasures!

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:21 pm
by Braaainz
I had to go to the local party store for some balloon animal balloons and browsed around. Here are some of the things I found

1. Tommy timers! $1.95. I am now awash (sorry-water rocket related pun) with em.

2. Small plastic toy telescopes that just happen to just barely fit into a full bore nozzle. With a washer, I think they might make for a good t-nozzle.

3. Plastic astronauts and plastic figures with parachutes. Thought they'd make for a fun release at apogee.

4. Tornado tubes, I called several local toy stores, including the science related toy shops without finding a good supplier. Party store, who knew?

5. Balloon whistle. I'm curious if anyone has used these. They are small plastic tubes (diameter smaller than full bore nozzle) with a propeller/noise maker inside. If I can fit it into a t-nozzle or second stage, I wonder what it would sound like... and if it would still be able to push out enough air for a good sustained release.

6. Ooga horn. It's basically a two piece plastic horn. The horn, and plastic squeeze bulb. The squeeze bulb looks like it might make for a great 1-liter nosecone. Artistic and squishy.

7. Plastic magic wand. I'm hoping the diameter is the right size to use for a crushing sleeve staging device.