WR Car - Stability updates

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WR Car - Stability updates

Post by thampson » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:06 am

Hi All, its been a while since we have done any updates to the car. The Easter break allowed a chance to actually do some work on it and to upgrade the car to test some stability ideas we have been working on. These include

- outrigger rear wheels
- rear wheels rear of the nozzle
- larger rear wing
- bottle alignment guides

All of these design changes added a bit of weight to the car but we wanted to test for stability rather than just increase distance. What we were after was a straighter launch. There is a more detailed writeup on our website for those interested with some more pics.

Here is the video of the launch day on the weekend.


The longest distance was 87m but that was uphill so over 100m on the flat isnt too much trouble even with the extra weight. We were happy with the results of the added changes. We will do some more work on this model before we build the next one, there are a few more things to test yet. Hopefully the next update wont take soo long :)


Hornsby Heights Water Rocket Space Agency

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