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WRC Night Time Launch + 108.5m (355ft) average distance

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WRC Night Time Launch + 108.5m (355ft) average distance

Post by thampson » Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:06 am

A night time launch .. It may be a first, Im not sure, but we tried it anyway yesterday. Hey why not :) .. Our test track is lit until 1am so we gave it a shot to try out the updates to improve the R/C steering sensitivity. We were hoping to try the 7mm reduce diameter nozzle as well but had some issues with leaking. We also tried to get a pass in both directions to see how the average distance worked out

I was without my normal assistant so it was hard enough lauching and steering the car without trying to do the videos as well .. it was also too dark as the test videos we took came out pretty bad :(

I managed to get in 4 launches, three of them at 120psi, all with foam. The steering is better, not as wild to drive but still needs some work. Of the 3 launches one was 107m (uphill), one was 110m (downhill) and one was 98m (downhill). So the steering improvments showed up in the distances achieved.

At 120psi with the 9mm nozzle there is still thrust steering but when we sort out the 7mm reduced diameter nozzle this should be solved ..

I have a few pics and writeup on the website ..


The 108.5m is the average of the uphill and downhill best passes (107m & 110m). As we dont have videos of the passes and a long tape measure just yet we are not ready to submit for any distance records , but we are getting close ... with the 350ft mark achieved we are gunning for the 400ft mark ... :)


Hornsby Heights Water Rocket Space Agency

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