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USWaterRockets Radial Deploy System

Discussion about deployment systems including altimeters, timers, air speed flaps, servo systems, and chemical reactions.
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USWaterRockets Radial Deploy System

Post by Blenderite » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:29 pm

I decided to try using the radial deployment system which uswaterrockets shows how to build on their website. I am planing on putting the AlTImeter in the middle of the rocket to reduce the chances of destruction on my first lawn dart. The parachute will be located up on top to make release easier.

I know that on their site USWR recommends using a servo extension cable to reach up to the parachute. Problem is that the servo was soldered onto the board, meaning that I can't just easily remove it and add an extension wire.

I was wondering if anyone might have an suggestions for an alternative to replacing the servo I currently m using.



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Re: USWaterRockets Radial Deploy System

Post by RaketfuedRockets » Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:20 am

Well,if you wish to place the timer in the middle, and the parachute system at the top, you could use a very long rubber band which is wrapped around the pressure vessel segment too. Of course it's not a very stylish solution, but I think it would work well.
In my opinion it would be a better idea to place the radial deploy system between two segments.
This doesn't have to exclude the Advantage of placing the timer in a safer area between two other segments.
It would make the rocket a bit smaller too.
I created a concept about that a few months ago, just after the RDS was released.
However, it need at least three pressure vessel segments.
I attached a drawing of it. :)
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Re: USWaterRockets Radial Deploy System

Post by rumnass » Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:34 pm

instead of a long rubber band I plan on using fabric elastic the stuff you use to put a waist band in trousers (pants for al' yall us folk). You can buy it at various widths and much longer than you need length, then cut to the length you need

I haven't tried and tested this yet so ill let you if this a rubbish idea or not.

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