Freestyle Physics

Post photos and videos of your rocket, launches and your onboard video or photos here. A wide variety of formats supported including attachments and embedded youtube.
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Freestyle Physics

Post by FalkE » Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:49 pm

Freestyle-Physics is a german water rocket competition in Duisburg.
The rocket must made out of ordinary PET bottles and the max. pressure is 5bar.
I decide to buildt a two stage water rocket without a parachute. The rocket is recovered by backgliding.
The rocket win a prize but not for the maximum of altitude. I won a price for special technical details, there were only two 2 Stage rockets of 240.

Here some pictures of the launch: ... d=DSC_0188
Rocket in the air, booster burnout:Here was a little Problem, the second stage didn´t start when the booster was straight so the rocket hit a window of a bulding^^.
[/url] ... C_0189[url]

And at the end of this post i´m very sorry for my bad english and i hope you understand everything. In case you don´t understand it ask here and i tried to answer.

Dennis alias. FalkE[/url]

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Post by Drag_Racer408a » Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:56 pm

Those rockets look ver cool. Some look like they have a glider type recovery!

Sorry to hear about your 2 stage rocket. Those can be quite tricky.

Welcome to the group. Where did you say you were from?

-Team Parental Advisory

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Post by Tim Chen » Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:51 pm

Hello Dennis!

Thank you for posting the videos. What type of mechanism do you use for staging your 2-state rocket? I have been trying to get a stage to fire with a delay after burnout like yours did.

Your english is fine. I can understand you perfectly!

Hey... I have read about Freestyle Physics before. I heard that this year they have put size and pressure and water-mass limits on all the competitors to prevent accidents. Is your building-seeking-missile the reason for the new rules? Ha ha! :P Just kidding.


Tim Chen
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Post by HoLlaeNDi » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:53 pm

Hello together.
I am from Germany too. I took part this year at Freestyle-Physics for the third time. Because there was not much place on the starting field there, there were only allowed rockets out of one bottle with not more than 1,5 l Volume.

But I didn't know about that until March 2007. Before that I had built a 2 Stage Water-Rocket successfully for Freestyle-Physics. It flew around 190 m high!! It was very frustrating that this rocket was not allowed for Freestyle-Physics 2007.

But afterwards I am very happy: our team won with a rocket out of a 1.5l Bottle 127 m high! :-)


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