Salutations from CA, USA

This forum is for new members to introduce themselves and tell us how they got started in water rocketry.
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Salutations from CA, USA

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I have been interested in water rockets since middle school (2000) when my honors science teacher had the class build water rockets. Today, I am a senior in college going for my B.S. in ME. I still love water rockets and continue to figure out ways to improve my launcher and parachute. Over the years, I have been focusing more of my time in FTC water rocketry and less in soda bottle rocketry. I enjoy building them as much as enjoy launching them.

I am still new to the water rocket recovery scene as I was trying to adhere to Science Olympiad rules with no metal or electronics involved. I am now looking to incorporate an accelerometer with an Arduino (either a mini or nano) to trigger a servo to activate a recovery mechanism as well as a wireless transmission of an on-board video to spectate and record the rocket from the sky.

Thanks for allowing me to join the forums and being part of the community. There is still a lot to know and understand. I may turn this into a senior project next year.

**The weather in CA, USA is nice this time of year. It is going to continue getting warmer and being less windy. I'm looking forward launching a lot this summer.
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Re: Salutations from CA, USA

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This is good to hear, Welcome!
Can you post pictures of your rockets so far?
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Re: Salutations from CA, USA

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Welcome to the community! Adding electronics to your rocket should be a great project! You should get some great new insight into water rockets with data collected from the accelerometer!
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