Cub Scouts - Water Rocket field day - need help

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Cub Scouts - Water Rocket field day - need help

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Hello Guys,
I just reregistered today. As I mentioned in my introduction post, I have made a few Water Rockets in the past. What I am looking for is some suggestions and help.

My daughter is a Cub Scout Leader and she has requested for me to help her set up a day of building, flying and learning about Water Rockets with the Cub Scout troop that she is working with.

I can build and launch a Water Rocket for myself but I am looking for some help or suggestions about how best to set up the best building practices and flying for the scouts.

For one thing, I am using the Gardenia water hose Quick Disconnect fittings for my release mechanism. This works quite well but I was thinking it might be best to use soda bottles with no nozzle and keep it simple

as there might be as many as 8 to 10 Scouts building rockets. I have seen launchers that the bottle just slips over a pipe that goes into the middle of the bottle. I made one like that but it leaked badly. I used the U pull ring

type release and it was really hard to get that to work. I need to make up at least a couple of good launchers for this event. Are there any good ready made release mechanisms that can be purchased. I don't need the entire

launchers as I can glue up my own stands. However I am open to purchasing the entire launchers if the price is right.

On my latest rocket that I built for myself to fly with my grandsons, I used the best meat trays that I could find and it looks like that material may work out well but I am open to any suggestions. Also I am looking for ideas about

fin placements and balance of the rocket and such. Let me say in advance any suggestions and help is very appreciated.


Ricky Hall
Prentiss, Mississippi
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Re: Cub Scouts - Water Rocket field day - need help

Post by anachronist »

You might want to check out the tutorials on this site here: ... _Links.php
There are several on building launchers. What you're probably looking for is a Clark cable tie launcher.

The only objections I have to the tutorial are twofold:
1. Don't try to bond metal pressure fittings to PVC (like schrader valves or hose barbs). Use compressor parts. They are cheap and safer. See pictures in my post here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2987
2. The method for getting an o-ring onto the launch tube (so the nozzle won't leak) is tricky. Get some 1/2" copper pipe (which happens to be 5/8" outer diameter). Ream out the 1/2" PVC pipe with a 5/8" drill bit or countersink bit or actual reamer bit. You may need a drill press for this. Then you can fit the copper sleeve (you need only an inch) inside the ends of two pipes to make a nice o-ring seat.

Good luck.
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