PL Premium in Pakistan

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PL Premium in Pakistan

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Hello, I am a new user from Pakistan in this forum. I wanted to ask if anyone from Pakistan has recommendations for an adhesive which works for splicing bottles together. PL Premium, Sika, Loctite, or any of these well known Polyurethane based adhesives are not available here (and are difficult to import) and I have not had much success with using other glues such as two-part epoxy, super glue, etc. Do you have suggestions?
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Re: PL Premium in Pakistan

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Do you have silicone sealer available? If so, you can apply it to the inside of the bottle where the edge of the other bottle rests. This would provide a flexible seal. Then use super glue on the mating surfaces to hold the two bottles together. It is a good idea to roughen up the surfaces of the bottles with fine sandpaper to create more surface area for the glue to stick.