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A water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass. The pressure vessel (the engine of the rocket) is constructed from thin plastic or other non metallic materials (usually a used plastic soft drink bottle) weighing 1,500 grams or less. The water is forced out by compressed air. It is an example of Newton's third law of motion.

High pressure compressors are the ones that fuel the scubas

Discussion about Compressors, hose, pipes, fittings, launchers, release mechanisms, and launch tubes.
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High pressure compressors are the ones that fuel the scubas

Post by RaZias » Tue May 18, 2010 2:56 pm

I putted in the google [high pressure compressors].

And wich are the strongests compressors ?...logically if there are scubas tanks at 6000 psi something must put that pressure in...and that is the "high pressure compressors":




http://www.directindustry.com/prod/jab- ... 75825.html

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