Documenting an official record submission process.

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Documenting an official record submission process.

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With the recent submission in the Dragster competition" it has come to our attention that we do no have an official submission process. The purpose of this thread is to document a process where competitors will know exactly what is expected for submission and where in the process the submission stands.

Here is the rough outline of the process as it stands now:

  • Competitor submits data to the proper submission forum:

  • The competitor will need to submit (data, videos, dates etc).

  • Discussion occurs for seven days (starting from the first Sunday after the attempt has been submitted)

  • Voting starts after the 7 day "discussion period" has successfully completed.

This is a rough outline of the process. Any amendments we make will apply to future submissions and any submissions currently being processed will use the current process.

Some of the questions that need answers are with the data:

What data is acceptable?

Will "produced videos" be accepted or do we require only unedited raw video (which can be only edited to cut length or file size.
Do we need "class specific" data submission rules? Are full length ground videos required (this would probably discourage competition because it is difficult to track a high flying rocket and keep it "in frame" for the entire flight. Since our competition require on board cameras I think that showing the launch from the ground will be good enough and will serve as proof that all the ground safety rules and pressure source rules were followed.

Will "youtube videos" be acceptable or do we require videos be submitted as attachments?

What happens if there is a dispute or tie vote? We need processes so that a team can rectify any errors that get pointed out during the seven day review process?

How do we prevent the voting from turning into a "personal popularity contest"?
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