Greetings Rocketeers

This forum is for new members to introduce themselves and tell us how they got started in water rocketry.
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Greetings Rocketeers

Post by Tony »

I've just discovered water rockets. Over the passed week I have built a launcher from Schedule 40 PVC that will suit me for a while and a two-bottle rocket (Robinson Coupling). I also ordered 2 MSP430s, installed CCS5 (works great) and FET-Pro430 (umm, not so much). This same device will work well flying from one of my kites to drop parachutes.

I hope to make my ServoChron work. I have it built, but I don't think my servos are strong enough. I just can't get the ServoChron project to load via FET-Pro...

I'm excited. I hesitantly brought my system to 80psi today, no leaks, no failures, nice launch. Three of them before I ran out of water. In theory the system will hold a lot more pressure, but I went slow--just in case.

I've lots of questions, about everything.

Hello, my name is Tony. I am a child at heart.
"Houston, we've had a problem..."
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Re: Greetings Rocketeers

Post by bugwubber »

Welcome to the playground. Congrats on your launch!

My first water rocket launch when I was an actual child, involved that hard plastic rocket attached to a hand pump. My dad tried but we were never able to get it more than 20ft. We decided water didn't make a good fuel and started building estes powered pyro rockets. I built my first one in one night. 'm pretty sure most of those ended up lost to out of sight launches where the wind carried them away. The problem was they were all too small. My largest was 2ft? maybe. Launches were also fairly few due to the cost of the motors. Now my kids...well lets just say this is a great time to be a kid, or a kid at heart.

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