resident mad scientist

This forum is for new members to introduce themselves and tell us how they got started in water rocketry.
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Prodigy Rocketry
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resident mad scientist

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As the title implies, I am hypercreative, gotta try it new style inventor guy. Really, the stuff I will show you on this forum that relates to rocketry will be very interesting and possibly ground breaking. I do this and other hobbies for FUN and share all that I can with others to advance the craft. I want to warn you in advance that the stuff I do is mostly experimental and a blend of other tecnologies/hobbies at times.
Introducing myself like this may make me seem...........welll your thinking it. But I'm not. I am a very decent guy with a family and business. This water rocketry is a new cheap thrill (compared to High Powered rocketry) and allows me to express my creative compulsion. MY HEAD JUST DOESN'T STOP THINKING! Do any of you have this issue?
Anyway, this is the begining for me here, so I really don't know what to expect. I'm just keeping it real........real fun! PH:
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Re: resident mad scientist

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Looking forward to seeing your ideas.
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Re: resident mad scientist

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum! The people here are really helpful at answering any of your questions. I'm really looking foward to your projects and your designs.



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Re: resident mad scientist

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Welcome to the forum. If you were looking for the place to talk back and forth with all of the top water rocket builders around the globe, you have come to the right place.
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