1 stage to 944'

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Re: 1 stage to 944'

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Reptiglorandrockets wrote:
Water Rocket Expert wrote:WRA2 Administrator, I am new to the forum but am not new to water rocketry. I have been at this for several years now. I posted a personal best as designed by my friend kevin and I. I did paste the thrust imformation from a simulator because I thought they were reliable. This might be wrong.

Repliglorandrockets. As I said, the altimeter may be wrong. As stated the rocket hit the ground at highspeed. Also I have check this altimeter with a estes altimeter and they read differently by about 80' when the GPS said we were at about 500' above start point. The second stage valve did not let air to the second stage so it failed but did release.
Can you answer my question? How are you preventing the FTC booster from bending at launch? Some kind of reinforcement?

I was not having much bending trouble with bending but I found that using wooden dowels helped reinforce the FTC.
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