HidroMAX Water Rocket Launching system

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HidroMAX Water Rocket Launching system

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Hi all - I am James from Malaysia (originally from Australia) I just wanted to let you all know about a project that we have been working on for the past few years - the HidroMAX Water Rocket Launch System, The TiltMAX recovery system and the StageMAX staging system for water rockets. We have recently completed the product development though now we need to pre-sell the product on Kickstarter in a campaign starting next month (June 2014)

We are still working on our website though we have set up a FB page www.facebook.com/hidromaxrocket Please visit this page (and like it!) to learn more about our new water rocket system.

We need top raise quite a lot of $$$ to cover the significant tooling costs required to manufacture this product so we sincerely hope you can support our Kickstarter program once started.

We look forward to a wet and bright future of water rocketry with you all!

James Gibbs
HidroMAX Water Rockets
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Re: HidroMAX Water Rocket Launching system

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Interesting designs! I like the swappable nozzles and that you are building a complete solution including parachute deployment.

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