Cheapest Logging Altimeter?

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Cheapest Logging Altimeter?

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Hi, I have a BIG problem on my quest for the Class B record. I can easily get my onboard camera, but I am living on a Third World country, so I am in a loss in altimeters.

Can anyone cite a cheap logging altimeter that:
-is one-piece
-below 20 dollars (1 dollar is 45 Philippine pesos)

Surely the shipping fees aren't a problem (i'm not even thinking of it) but I NEED AN ALTIMETER badly.

Two commercial altimeters down (HK altimeter/ JL AltimeterTwo/Three)

And I could easily consider the Launchpad Altimeter, if TI sells it here (or if anyone's kind enough... HELP!)

Or a PCB layout of a logging altimeter, perhaps?
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Re: Cheapest Logging Altimeter?

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I know this is a late reply, but see for an up to date comparison of altimeters with varying sizes, costs, and capabilities.