How do keep cable ties from slipping?

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How do keep cable ties from slipping?

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During pressure testing of my launcher (first I've ever built) I noticed the cable ties slipping with each launch, to the point where the launch tube o-ring ended up right at the lip of the bottle.

Well, I was using only one hose clamp to hold the ties. So I took it apart, repositioned the ties, even managed to fit in 3 more ties to distribute the load some more, and used THREE hose clamps to secure them. I noticed a small space under the screw side of the hose clamp, so I made sure to fasten each hose clamp with the screws 120° apart so that every cable tie gets squeezed by at least 2 hose clamps.

It's still slipping. Not as much, but definitely slipping. I notice the cable tie heads about 3-4 mm above the collar of the bottle now, after just one pressure test.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking of sanding the smooth sides (which are against the launch tube), and gluing them with PL adhesive before clamping them. But I'd rather have a solution that doesn't involve glue if possible.
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Re: How do keep cable ties from slipping?

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Just a suggestion, Some cloth binding tape/ gaffa tape under the cable ties gives it something to press into and gripp.

I found that worked for me.

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