Water rocket assisted take-off and landing plane

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Water rocket assisted take-off and landing plane

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Hi guys, new member here with a somewhat different project/plan to what you guys are probably used to.

I'm currently involved in a project to design, build and test UAV plane with a water rocket assisted take-off and, if possible landing phase. Ive found this presents a number of challenges when compared to the traditional water rocket design. Firstly as the weight of the pressure vessel has less of an impact on the final performance, we've been considering using a high-pressure paintball tank, at say 3000-4500 psi as the main air storage tank operating on a blow down system to the induvidual water storage tanks, which can then be made out of a more traditional bottle or reinforced bottle setup. Just wondering if anyone has any experience flying anything like this? or whether the fittings and fixtures exist to be able to use something like that. Those tanks can also be used with a regulator which brings the psi down to 450-850 range however again we'd need a servo or solenoidal operated trigger to open and close the valve at precise times. Wondering if anyone has any experience of such systems.

On a side note does anyone know the best bottle brand to use in the UK, if we do end up going for a more traditional carbon-reinforced setup.

No worries if no-one has anything which can help.

cheers guys