Question about NAR Certifications

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Question about NAR Certifications

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I'm hoping someone here can help me wrap my head around NAR level Certifications. I know to fly without official level of certification the launch weight has to be no more that 1500g (hence that limit for the Class A/B world records), but if I'm reading the rules correctly, the total impulse also factors into the requirement for certification. From what I see coming through the various water rocket calculators, the impulse of the calculations puts it in the I-J equivalent range that would require Level 1 (i) or Level 2(j) certification. Is this really true or am I way off in how I'm reading the impulse calculation data?
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Re: Question about NAR Certifications

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The 1500 gram rule has more to do with complying with FAA rules and not NAR. We are not affiliated with the NAR. If you are planning on launching at a NAR event, you may want to discuss whether or not you need a level 1 or 2 certification with them. If you are launching on your own or planning on competing in a WRA2 competition, then our rules apply and you will not need the certifications. PH:
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