Hi from the north of Germany =)

This forum is for new members to introduce themselves and tell us how they got started in water rocketry.
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Hi from the north of Germany =)

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My name is Fritz Unger. I´m 18years old and living in Hannover/Germany.
I have 2 younger brothers and two dogs =).
I´m designing websites and develop new patents while going to school (12th grade). But-- school is a hobby--(very bad payed, you know x)

I first toke notice of these rockets when i was searching for an ecological, powerful engine for my army fighterplane, one year ago.
I think there are some engine technologies that are not used actually, although they are very powerful-- The coldwater-rocket is definitely one of them!

Everything is relative. (Albert Einstein)
Water rockets are green engines, they´ve much more power then the power that we´re actually using.

Fritz Unger
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Re: Hi from the north of Germany =)

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Wiegates, Ich Heista Andrew.
That's cool to see you are looking into alternative energies for power. Have you looked into the Hydrogen Engine? Through the use of Sodium pellets?
Welcome to Forum, it is wunderbar to have you. Correct me if my German is a little shady
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