2723 ft (830m) Class A record discussion

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Ascension III
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Current WRA2 Single Stage Record Holder
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2723 ft (830m) Class A record discussion

Post by Ascension III »

Hi everyone,

To give some more information to those interested in our project, we have written a report which briefly documents our pursuit for the Class A world record. It is attached as a PDF file (Report rev5) to this post.

We have also included some additional videos which show:

1) Parachute deployment testing
2) Final rocket weigh-in before adding water
3) Measuring and pouring the water into the rocket before loading it into the launcher

We encourage you to read our report and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing your feedback! :D
Water measurement and filling.mp4
Measurement of water and filling of the rocket (1.25L of water added)
(32.07 MiB) Downloaded 261 times
Rocket final weigh-in.mp4
Final rocket weigh-in of 1499g (dry mass)
(26.09 MiB) Downloaded 249 times
Parachute deploment test.mp4
Testing of the spring loaded parachute deployment mechanism
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Report rev5.pdf
Report documenting the pursuit of the Class A world record (2013 to present)
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Re: 2723 ft (830m) Class A record discussion

Post by WRA2 »

I will be getting the admin team together to review the documentation you submitted and the videos. This will take a couple of days. If we have any questions, one of us will send you a PM. Otherwise look for us to start the "peer review" portion the beginning of next week and an announcement will be sent to all member so that they can participate.
Lisa Walker,
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Re: 2723 ft (830m) Class A record discussion

Post by davepet »

GREAT WORK, good report.
Lecce Water rockets
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Re: 2723 ft (830m) Class A record discussion

Post by Lecce Water rockets »

Is that spring in the video of the deployment system made of metal? And what is that smoke coming out from the payload bay? And I Heared that you used really cold temperatures (-160 celsius degrees or something like that), it's true? And was cold temperatures forbidden by rules?