UAV-launched water rocket idea

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UAV-launched water rocket idea

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I'm thinking about constructing a UAV that will launch a water rocket. It would be quite easy to do, as I have experience with water rockets as well as UAV design, construction and operation.

Here are some of my previous UAVs.
734tbsir5no91.jpg (2.66 MiB) Viewed 10 times
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Under construction currently
Under construction currently
IMG_20221019_173026.jpg (5.17 MiB) Viewed 10 times
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Re: UAV-launched water rocket idea

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The challenge would be to devise a way to keep the rocket pressurized reliably as the UAV flies, and have some way to release the rocket when desired. You'd need to design the UAV to carry a rather heavy payload too, not just the rocket+water, but also the launch mechanism. I don't know how this would be done for a UAV the size pictured, but possibly a much larger one.