Wide-range universal launcher

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Re: Wide-range universal launcher

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Are you trying to join the WRA2? If so please go to our membership application page and fill out the form.

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Re: Wide-range universal launcher

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Thank you for your reply. I am thinking about joining but have a few questions. I started with rockets during the start of Covid, first gasoline, then alcohol, and then pressurized with air. I had heard of pet bottle rocketry but stayed away from the net on the subject. By doing it this way I wasn’t influenced by your system (using all your propellant-water-on lift-off , reducing the weight quickly providing maximum thrust. To me this is more like a bullet fired from a gun. With my system I use different size thrust holes in the bottle cap, (2.5mm, to 4.5mm) to prolong my thrust time, more like a real rocket. The launcher cost about 50$/100$ to build and launches 3, 6,or 12 bottles of any size ( 250ml. to 2000ml.) all at once. To increase the amount of thrust provided you can increase the bottle cap thrust-hole size. Boost rockets and second and third and fourth stages are easily added to build your finished rocket. Water and air pressure (the fuel) are added to all the bottles at the same time, water coming from a pressured water reserve bottle, the pressurized air from a bicycle pump . My problem is I use a one way bicycle tire valves and a needle valves to join-link the stages together.
They are metal and they are inside pressurized bottles, maybe I’m not safe enough for your organization ? Or there is another organization more suited for me.